A New Trailer for a New Dreamcast Game?

Jason Evangelho writes:

"Sega's Dreamcast may have suffered a mainstream death in 2002, but don't tell that to NG:Dev.Team, who just released a new trailer (below) for an updated version of their Dreamcast side-scrolling shooter 'Last Hope: Pink Bullets.'

Much more than a homebrew release, this is a lovingly produced new title for the Dreamcast right down to the professional CD printing, full color 12 page booklet, and wealth of features."

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shadowdancer3837d ago

I think this game was out for Neo Geo a few years back, it looks fun.

CrAppleton3837d ago

Whoa.. a new Dreamcast game??

killyourfm3837d ago

Sort of - they made a game called "Last Hope" and this is sort of a Director's Cut if you will. But yea, it's still a new retail release for Dreamcast which rocks.

CrAppleton3837d ago

Wow.. I'm going to have to dust off the Dreamcast

xino3837d ago

new games on dreamcast are always shoot up arcade scrollers:/