EA Caves in To Button Mashers

DualShockers writes:

"I am a huge fan of DLC for any title, especially when it is free, but I look at the announcement of Fight Night Round 4 getting face button DLC as a cop-out. EA has announced that even though they worked very hard on their "Total Punch Control" system they will be releasing new content to nullify players from having to learn how to use these controls."

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taz80803836d ago

i dont understand why we need to make games easier for people. I understand why EA does it because they want to sell more copies, but its like putting training wheels on everyhting.

Cerberus21253836d ago

There is nothing for you to understand other than that someone who pays $60.00 for this game just like you do,should be able to play this game however they like.not everyone who wants the face buttons,wants them just cause it makes the game easier.

snaz273836d ago

i dont shy away from tough games infact i love a challenge, i beat killzone 2 on elite (im sweating even thinking about that lol) im currently trying to beat wipeout hd on elite, and man that game is tough! im like 10 events away from doing it... i play the fight night demo and just plain hated the controls, it wasnt cos it though it was hard just annoying, so i passed on the game, now they have changed it tho i may pick it up at some point, developers should listen to their fans, and give more control options, if you wanna play with the sticks tho go for it.

taz80803836d ago

I see what you guys are saying, but I think it just changes the dynamic of the game. Perhaps it will get a lot more people to play.

snaz273836d ago

i dont think it will change the dynamics at all, because someone that just mashes the buttons will always be beaten by someone who uses them skillfully, just like with any fighting game really, and out of interest, now that they are being added, will you be sticking with the sticks or will you use the buttons? i did have another complaint tho with fight night it all seemed abit sluggish, i think the last boxing game i enjoyed was ready to rumble lmao, i know that was an arcadey type game, but i still dont see why the boxers in fight night punched so slow! you dont throw a punch that slow in real life.

taz80803836d ago

@ snaz - i will keep using the sticks, I am a bit of ap urist when it comes to that. But i do agree that the game feels a bit slow.

I would like another set of camera angles as well.

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Red3836d ago

....Said what I was gonna say, I've had a pre-order on this game for months but refuse to pick it up until face button support is released. And I love playing all my games on the hardest difficulties.

keysy4203836d ago

i only bought the game because the buttons are coming the game sucks without it

taz80803836d ago

It is interesting to me that so many people think the controls suck. is it because they are unique or because it makes them not fight as well? I think many people do not embrace it because they just want to punch away. this game makes it more of a strategy fighting game and changing the buttons changes the dynamic of the game, especially online. it would be like making passing easier in madden.

ArchangelMike3836d ago

I don't understand why devs are don't allow conrols to be fully customisable, RE5, KZ2 suffered because of teh rigid control sceme. Wants teh big deal with allowing teh player to control the charachter how they want?

freddy993836d ago

legende mode. Fu**** impossible to get high scores in the training, making ur boxer weaker than the opponents. And online is rediculos with ppl throwing body shoots after body shoots........

taz80803836d ago

Yeah Legend mode training is a pain, Id rather they tweak that than the controls.

There is also too much power associated with uppercuts.

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