First Day of Sales In Japan - 7/23

Here are the first-day sales of games released on July 23rd in Japan

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rockleex3833d ago

I seriously thought it would do 20,000 at the least. O_o

StillGray3833d ago

Some pretty bad sales figures for these would-be juggernauts.

San Frandisco3833d ago

i would like to take a moment here and say.... HD GAMING FTMFW B!TCHES!!. GO HARDCORE OR GO HOME!!!!

Smacktard3833d ago

HD = Hardcore?

You're dumb. It's past your bedtime, hit the sack, junior.

SprSynJn3833d ago

I think he was trying to say High Definition gaming, but I am not sure. Either way, it is past his bedtime.