Kotaku: How Much Xbox 360 Avatar Clothes And Toys Cost

Earlier today we gave you a video tour of the new Xbox 360 dashboard update (aka the love-child of Home and Miis). Now have a look at the prices for all Avatar clothing and toys...

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36T3836d ago

I might have to give in and spend a maximum of ten dollars for pimping out my avatar. All the other little gadgets can suck my... thumb!

Chubear3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

You're the same one that kept telling others that it's stupid to pay for virtual items in PS3's HOME but as soon as MS makes 2D avatar clothing payable you're all interested.

Any PS3 fan that listens to 360 fans or the NA gaming media about their gaming experiences and a damned fool cause these 360 guys don't give a rat's ass. As long as it's PS3 product they'll dog it to hell no matter how insanely high in quality it is but as soon as they get something similar with obviously way less quality on the 360 they'll pay whatever to support it.

A la Killzone 2 - 1080i and the very best graphics seen this gen so far all at the beginning of year 3: 360base:- "LOL! not even 1080p! iz teh generic and teh flopz!"

Halo3.5 - below 720p and average graphics at the end of yr4: 360base:- "HALO IZ TEH GAWD!!!! GRAPHICS DON MATTA IZ TEH GAMEPLAYZ NOOB!"

This is the 360 fanbase in a nut shell. Supporting mediocrity no matter what but dogg and hate on obvious high quality products.

fuckoffodion3835d ago

you're just a Fvcking hypocrite. I bet if it was SONY, you would be screaming bloody murder. Retard.

DelbertGrady3836d ago

Too much. They should have put them in achievements instead. Would be a much smarter thing to do. Add to the "collector" gene of gamers. This will only make them look greedy and probably won't work as well as they think.

shutupandplay3836d ago

Ohhhhh, they will work fine, trust me. I can 100% guarantee you that there will be people actually paying for a ring that is barely even visible. MS knows people are going to bite, that`s why they do it.

DelbertGrady3836d ago

You're probably right. I still think they would get better feedback and sell more games if they put them in achievements though.

socomnick3836d ago

They did, there is something in your avatar now called rewards, these are clothing items gained from achievements. totally free.

DelbertGrady3836d ago

Awesome stuff! I'm getting Splosion Man and I've read that it has something like that.

shutupandplay3836d ago

I`ll tell you right now that splosion man is one of the best games I`ve played all year.

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KionicWarlord2223836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

In order for Ms to truly make money off of this ....

MS would have to change the way the points are displayed .

Add 80 ms points which equal a buck . Also add 100 Ms points .

phosphor1123836d ago

Why is a cotton swab 2 bucks? A shirt 1 dollar? Kidding me?

KionicWarlord2223836d ago


I cant believe that cotton swab is 2 bucks.

It`s from monkey island too.

FamilyGuy3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

People said, that microsoft said that they would never charge for clothing for your avatars. Don't ask me for a quote since I've never read that anywhere but it might have been said at last years E3 press conference.

Don't buy this crap people, don't think "oh, it's only a dollar" "oh, it's only two dollars". Common thoughts like that, shared by thousands or millions are how they're making millions off of you with little to no effort. Ignore micro-transactions. Buy games and add-ons instead.

This is an entertainment device, pay for entertainment enhancements not visual aesthetics.

shutupandplay3836d ago

Won`t be buying any of it, sorry. I`ll be putting my points towards Map packs, expansions and XBLA games. Not this crap.

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