Colin McRae's DiRT 2 - Utah ingame trailer

Check out Friday's brand new ingame trailer from the Utah rally section of Colin McRae's DiRT 2.

Looks dusty!

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deadpoole3833d ago

This game is defi lookin one badass offroad game. Graphics are superior then any other prev offroad game released.

Sanpaku3833d ago

erm, why dontcha approve the story instead of commenting unpublished stuff? ^^

Dissidia3833d ago

custom soundtracks, then count me in.

housegroove763832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I was boycotting Dirt 2 because of how CM decided to portray Rally as "Mt Dew X-Games extreeeeeme driving" but damn that terrain looked unf'ing believable. Easily the best looking offroad I've seen in a game currently.

Might have to rethink my boycott, although I still hate that CM is trying to market Rally to the kids who don't know what rally truly is.

The same kids who go out and buy an Evo or STI and would never take it off the tarmac and into the woods, a mountain road, or some good ole gravel. I want to punch those kids in the throat so bad it's ridiculous.

Daves3831d ago

FPS should be reserved for people who have fired a gun.

Very oddcomment, it's just a game ffs

level 3603832d ago

Nothing against the game thought it look very nice and all but honestly if this was done in the real world that Bimmer wouldn't last very long at that distance... it's too low to the ground ( dirt, gravel, snow rallycars are modified higher to the ground except tarmac ) this car belongs to a different class of racing.