God of War III pics from Comic Con

Check out some of these pics of just a taste of some of the action going on in San Diego.

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bmatthews3833d ago

I'd give an arm and a leg just to be there and experience GOWIII.

xTruthx3833d ago

It does look awesome, cant wait to get this game

PS360DS3833d ago

Me 3.

GOWIII cannot come soon enough, I desperately want to play it!

iNetWatch3833d ago

Most definitely, looks like an amazing game

Syronicus3833d ago

Man those guys are lucky. Wish I could have made it to the confrence.

Maddens Raiders3833d ago

Kratos' knife reminds me of Arnold's...

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CestusGOWIII3833d ago

Badassgamer is bringing the it.

Wish I was there.

lyvon3833d ago

He definitely is, some great content coming out of his blog.

OperationFlashpoint23833d ago

can anyone make it out? or is it the same E3 stuff?

HeavyInfamous3833d ago

it's the same build mate, but I could be wrong

NOOBKILLA3833d ago

I was at E3 and I played GOW III there. The screens are a little blurry on these pictures it is hard to tell, but it doesn't look like what I played. If it is a new build expect new videos on youtube tonight.


It is the most astonishing part in the game!!! it's on gaia's back the big titan, same atmosphere from the trailers, so it must be it!

HeavyInfamous3833d ago

Everything about GOW is awe inspiring...even when you're just looking at pictures of it.

Ubuntula3833d ago

Impressive...nice work badassgamer

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The story is too old to be commented.