YouTube 3d Bikini Beach Babe in HD: The Future of Gaming is Here

YouTube 3d shows in this example video of a Second Life Bikini Beach Babe (must be viewed with 3d Anaglyph-Glasses (Red-Cyan) just how easily this technology could be applied to the Second Life MMORPG client, WoW or any other MMORPG or game client or browser for an amazingly realistic 3d virtual reality experience that jumps off the screen just like at a 3d movie.

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Ninji3830d ago

Having to wear 3D glasses to witness 3D isn't (or shouldn't be) the future of gaming.

I also think they should make a 3D screamer if they haven't already. >_>

rockleex3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

But once you see Real D movies, such as Beowulf, you definitely won't mind the brand new polarized Real D glasses.

Its the same technology Sony used to demo Motorstorm and GT5 Prologue in 3D at GDC(was it GDC?). People were stunned.

poopsack3830d ago

OH man, from the creator of this video:

"quite pretty?! ... you mean smokin hawt, HUH?!"

lol no thanks, i rather see real women than low polygon models, that right there is why gamers will continue to be seen as those geeks right there with the donut and no girlfriend, cause of stuff like this, sadly.

Tony P3830d ago

How is ogling a real woman you'll never have any better? :/

ReBurn3830d ago

There are no words that can adequately express my sadness.

Chriswsm3830d ago

If you go a little cross eyed the image becomes 3D now and then - you also get eyestrain very quickly

krauley3830d ago

the new ice age movie in 3d. the glasses are comfortable and the movie is amazing looking, as far as 3d goes. the actual movie is good but that 3d is amazing

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