Games As Art: How I Used GTA IV In a Critical Thinking College Essay

This Piece was written by Joel Taveras, who has since moved on to his own gaming site at Dualshockers:

"When I'm not waiting tables in Park Slope, Brooklyn, fragging noobs in COD 4, or writing for the best gaming site on the planet (*cough* *cough*), I'm doubling as full time college student. Majoring in accounting at that! Towards the end of this last semester I had to hand in a research paper for my English class. It was to be based on 3 different works of literature, and they had to be tied together with a compelling argument or thesis. I originally wrote a rough draft about how 3 particular literary works would have made better games than books. I brought in the rough draft for a one on one appointment with my Professor, and after reading through it and learning that I had been busy building my own gaming site, he had me read a critical review of Grand Theft Auto IV by Philip A. Lobo. He then challenged me to write a piece on GTA: IV. He told me not to summarize or review the game, but rather like Lobo's article, to put it under a critical microscope.

I made the argument that GTA: IV is not for younger gamers, not because of the well publicized controversial reasons, but because younger gamers just don't get the real messages found throughout the game. This is a copy of what I handed in, I hope you guys enjoy it. I won't say what grade I received for it, what I want to know is what grade as readers you think I deserve!"

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GWAVE3830d ago

When people try to say as though GTA4 has some sort of deep, compelling storyline, I facepalm. It's like someone trying to convince me that Fast and the Furious is a cinematic masterpiece and Vin Diesel is an acting genius.

It was a good game. It was fun. It had its moments, but stop trying to act as if it's the pinnacle of video-game storytelling. There are dozens of PC and console games that are more deserving of that title.

Pandamobile3829d ago

Yeah, I just played GTA4 to kill people with cars.

taz80803830d ago

Video games have some of the bests stories, which is no surprise why we are seeing books, movies and even essays about them. good stuff.