Resident Evils Fate in a BlackJack Game

Seems Takeuchi and fellow RE veteran Masachika Kawata are playing blackjack to see who will end up producing the next Resident Evil game. For real. But they're not playing alone, because Takeuchi followed that up by saying "it doesn't appear as though either of us is going to be in charge" of the next game.

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Blacktric3839d ago

Yeah that's really a good way to decide who should make the next game. I think Kojima should play "Strip Poker" to decide if he should direct the next big Metal Gear Solid game or not...

YoungKingDoran3839d ago

as much as i wanna see kojima in all his sexy glory, i dont think it would be worth it if he wasnt going to do the metal gear in question

Gr813839d ago

As Mikami isn't involved RE will continue is downward slide.

sam22363839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I agree completely.

hankmoody3839d ago

I thought the game was pretty awesome with a high level of replayability. I would definitely like to see the series go back to it's horror roots instead of this big budget action movie thing they've got going on now but I enjoyed every second of it.

sam22363839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I swear to Christ, this is THE stupidest thing I have ever read.

As of now, the RE series is officially dead.

EDIT: LOL at the disagree! Go back to playing your sh*tty co-op and buying DLC that's already on the disc, please.

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