Best of the Street Fighter 4 Custom Skins Round 2

The second installment of the Best of the Street Fighter 4 Custom Skins. This post includes Colossus, Beast, Lion O, and Jill Valentine just to name a few.

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FamilyGuy3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

These are friggin awesome!. I liked the last set but these ones blow them out the water fanfare wise

Alternate Dictator?
That looks like the dude from Yu Yu Hakusho. Almost the final bad guy sensui

The Sasuke one was a surprise

EVERY ONE of these are great but it pisses me off the mods weren't included as an ability for the PS3 version of this game. (not that Capcom is allowing/promoting this(?)) It'd sooooo be playing this game more if i could download these. Why was UT3 the only PS3 game to do this so far?

tyson vs sakura

Lifendz3839d ago

That Psylocke skin was awesome. And Beast v. Zangief was cool as well. The best one was the Lionel in my opinion. Thunder, Thunder, THUNDER CATS HOOOOOO!!!

Tony P3839d ago

"Why was UT3 the only PS3 game to do this so far?"

Because Epic worked their butts off to make it so. It's down to the individual devs and most aren't focused on free user mod integration. They would likely rather rely on paid DLC anyway since it brings in a profit.

ia_studio3839d ago

maid chun-li!


FamilyGuy3838d ago

That's sad but true, at the same time though UT3 also released their own DLC packs.

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LadyStardust3839d ago

Those Jill Valentine and Psylocke ones are great.

viking805fan3839d ago

The rufus one looks pretty cool.

KwietStorm3839d ago

Damn those almost made me want to get the PC version.

Shooter_McGavin3839d ago

Yeah me too, cept if I get any version I'll probably get it for console since it just dropped to $40.

FamilyGuy3839d ago

But I'd have to update my PC first as it can't run games for sh!t...

QQcrybaby3839d ago

@ shooter, PC version is $40.

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The story is too old to be commented.