PS Blog: Castle Crashers Coming to PSN

Chris Morell, Senior Specialist of Social Media, writes:

"Hidden amongst the madness of the Comic-Con 2009 show floor was a gem. Castle Crashers, a game that some hoped would eventually come to PS3, is finally headed our way. If you're unfamiliar, it's a really clever downloadable co-op action game that utilizes some cool RPG elements for great results. And it was officially announced for PSN at Comic-Con."

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StalkingSilence3835d ago

Glad to see another creative, pretty looking game on PSN. I'm such a sucker for PSN titles. Jealous of the exclusivity before now, I will get it when it comes out!

Rhezin3835d ago

Prob won't be gettin it again, but I suggest to all ps3 owners who HAVEN'T played it. DEFINATELY get this game, it's worth every penny.

Can't wait for behemoth's game #3.