WiiLand's Dead Space: Extraction Preview

WiiLand writes, "Last year, Dead Space blew away fans with space horror action presented in glorious cinematic fashion. Playing the game invoked memories of cold sweat running down my back when I first watched the early Alien movies. The tension, the desperation, the isolation -- it was perfect.

The 'little-IP-that-could' warmed enough cockles to warrant a bevy of new projects -- one of which is a prequel called Dead Space: Extraction, and it's coming exclusively to the Wii. The graphics are looking to be one of the best on the Wii.

Is Dead Space: Extraction worth it or skip it? Visit WiiLand for an exciting first look at the game and find out..."

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tinman_licks3838d ago

Love dead space. can't wait for this

swingingape3838d ago

Just hope it'll look as good as the PS3 version