Bungie & MGS talk about their futures with Natal

That Gaming Site writes: "At a Halo 3: ODST press event held in London this week, we got a chance to sit down with Bungie's Lars Bakken and Microsoft Games Studio's Ryan Crosby to get their thoughts on Microsoft's E3 shock announcement 'Project Natal'."

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Elven63834d ago

I really can't imagine how Natal could fit in to the Halo universe, it just seems so adapted to traditional control schemes in my mind. Then again, Halo revolutionized FPS on a console, maybe they could do the same for motion control?

raiden_933834d ago

Well right now I'd say the only title to work well with motion control has been Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii, but thats a whole different league.

Elven63834d ago

They are two different types of motion control though, Natal is more advanced than what the Wii has to offer hence could be a bit harder to implement succesfully.

Xi3834d ago

All you'd need to do is track the movements of the hand in the same way you'd track the motion of a mouse, as if you were using one in the air.

GWAVE3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I'd want traditional controls for a Halo game. Then again, just make "Cortana XXX Buddy" for the Natal camera and watch the nerdgasm commence.

@ Xi above

That sounds terrible. Worse yet, it sounds almost exactly like the many Wiimote and Eye applications that 360 gamers have mocked the Wii owners and PS3 owners for getting excited about. Talk about hypocrisy...

jav09183834d ago

wouldn't matter if they incorporated it or not because it wouldn't be mandatory to use.

Hoolock3834d ago

Obviously no Halo game will require the full use of natal to work the game nor do i belive that Natal will be the only way to pay future Xbox titles. The intergration of Natal for existing franchises will be very slight and optional as to not alienate existing fans. The game will still be playable with only the 360 pad but Natal could be used for changing weapons, activating switchs, targeting points on a map and possibly ordering troops on the battlefield. All of these things can be mapped onto a 360 pad but would be more fluid if done by hand.

The future of Natal on xbox depends how well the system can be interagrated alongside the control pad rather than it been a fully fledged replacement of it.

Xi3834d ago

Where they've attempted to mask controls on a motion controls to that of a mouse.

GWAVE3834d ago

@ Xi

Read your own comment. Think for a minute.

Why would you want to use a camera to read your hand that is imitating a mouse? Why not use a mouse?

I know the 360 community is jumping for joy at the awesome possibilities of Natal, but for the sake of the 360 I hope your ideas are never implemented.

Xi3834d ago

the main advantage of console gaming is that you're in your living room, relaxing, and not haunched over a PC with a keyboard and mouse.

Second of all, what would you use your mouse on in your living room.

a patent by MS for a mouse-like motion controller that could be tied in with FPS games.

Kushan3834d ago

GWAVE: Probably because the camera is ONE accessory, yet it could be used to replace mice, steering wheels, golf clubs, other motion sticks, etc.
You're being incredibly negative towards the idea, but when used well, Natal could be very very good. Halo is quite possibly the worst example of a game that could ever make use of it, but there are plenty of games out there that could easily benefit from the likes of Natal, including genres that don't even exist yet.

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Johnny Rotten3834d ago

The only people I can see using Natal for a Halo game are hardcore fans like this kid

Call me sarcastic or not but this is a good part of the fanbase Microsoft wants to REACH out to!

Elven63834d ago

Your link is broken, plus I think a majority of the Halo audience want to play with traditional controls and not motion.

Ziriux3834d ago

Wow, that kid needs....

Ziriux3834d ago

Can't wait to play Halo games with Natal.

sabestar3834d ago

Haha, I have to admit the title made me laugh a bit. I first thought MGS was Metal Gear Solid, then I remembered Microsoft Games Studio.

Batzi3834d ago

same here man. MGS is Metal Gear Solid. screw Microsoft...

CobraKai3834d ago

Every time I see MGS i think Metal Gear Solid and not Microsoft Game Studios

Etseix3834d ago

lol yeah
same with GOW, i read GOW, and i think on Kratos killing Gods lol.