WorthPlaying: Chrysler Classic Racing Review

WorthPlaying writes: "As far as the Nintendo DS is concerned, the system has a good amount of racing games, with wildly different degrees of quality associated with them. You have the upper echelon of racers led by Mario Kart DS followed by Asphalt Urban GT 2, Diddy Kong Racing and Ridge Racer DS. The average racers come next, with games like MySims Racing, Need for Speed Undercover and Indianapolis 500 Racing representing some decent choices for the discerning Nintendo DS racing fan."

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SpoonyRedMage3839d ago

Most racers are absolute garbage on the DS. The Kart Racers are good but the Arcade racers are mostly garbage, it says something that Asphalt 4 on the DSiware is better than most of them and definitely looks better than the crap the major publishers are putting on there.*looks at EA*