Britxbox: Halo 3 ODST FireFight Preview

Mike Rossell writes: "If you love the post game carnage stats on Halo 3, then prepare to have your tiny stato mind blown away with Firefight. Not only can you track your medals, kills, tools of destruction but also break down your kills by species and your best kill. The new stats are indicative of Firefight being much more than just a Halo survival mode.

Firefight could be described as basically a co-operative survival mode like Gears 2's Horde or Terrorist Hunt from Rainbow Six, it's the latest edition to the Halo multiplayer crown and offers frantic co-op action for up to four players versus increasingly challenging waves of Covenant forces.

At a special Halo: ODST preview event in London, we got a chance to try out Crater and Security Zone as well as a third and previously unknown map called Alpha Site. More detail on the maps later."

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