Why Don't You Start A Petition About It?

A Hellforge writer has written on the effectiveness of online petitions in this day and age when petitions are as ubiquitous as latchkey kids on Xbox Live. With petitions for Diablo III's art direction, the release of a Chrono Trigger user-made sequel and Left 4 Dead 2 boycott, online complaints are at an all time high. How effective are they in making game developers listen?

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bmw693839d ago

Has a petition actually ever worked?

StillGray3839d ago

Probably once, to extend Farspace on Scifi channel.

StillGray3839d ago

To note, I should add that the Boycott isn't an actual petition like the others, but more of a movement.

Captain Tuttle3838d ago

Because that's about what these things are worth.

StillGray3838d ago

You summed it up to a tee.

kewlkat0073838d ago

Some are very well legit and some are just fanboys seeking to unite in some fashion.

StillGray3838d ago

They just want attention.

Nihilism3838d ago

i don't care if they work, i wanted LAN n sc2 so i signed, suck my wang, it's just to bad 90% of that petition is filled by bots....the stupid d!cks who tried to "help" boost the numbers have now made that petition a joke, 50,000 legit sigs means alot more than 100,000 filled with bots, hackers LAN for me