Unofficial PSP batteries 'damaging' to handheld

Sony has warned consumers that buying and using unofficial batteries in your PSP, could be damaging to the handheld.

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bernie5805d ago

What a load of rubbish, mind you I suppose they've got to try and pay back that $698 million bank loan somehow


FreeMonk5805d ago

Load of bollocks! Poor Sony are so hard up that they have to lie to consumers to buy there products!! Ehhhh, wait a minute? Haven't they done that before!?

DC RID3R5805d ago

why is the psp reminding me of the lynx!?!?!

dfb19775804d ago

Third party batteries are used in probably 80% of the worlds products. Other companies are capable of manufacturing products. And do you really think the CEO's of these companies want the law suits and possible prison time that would go with exploding batteries.