Dev: DSi Is "A More Powerful Platform" Than DS Lite


"One of the top DS development houses in the industry doesn't see the DSi as just a DS Lite plus gimmicks."

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SpoonyRedMage3829d ago

Ya, we know but it's yet to be used properly. There's only a few people who are going to show it as well because most devs haven't even grasps how powerful the DS/DSLite is yet.

mint royale3829d ago

But what is the point on investing resources on maximising the DSi if it then means that the DS lite won't be able to play the game?

SpoonyRedMage3829d ago

Well the DSiware could certainly be used to put a really nice looking game out, but it would be short compared to a retail release unless they did it episodic.

Also they're going to what they did with the Gameboy color. They're going to have a lot of games that work on the DS Lite but are superior on the DSi due to the enhanced specs then eventually they'll make DSi exclusives.

Most Devs won't even consider maxing it out though like I was saying because most of them haven't even tried maxing out the DS.

Also a DSi exclusive game could be made to convince people to upgrade, when people see a really nice game that can't be done on the other DSs they might consider getting a DSi.

qface643829d ago

ill be getting myself a DSI in september im looking forward to it =]

Pennywise3829d ago

I have to say Nintendo did the right thing by making the screen bigger too.

Antan3829d ago

Im working on a few DSi games at the moment and theres an immediate improvement with the addition of a swanky DSP processor which can add a nice overall reverb to your mix.

Salvadore3829d ago

I'm still on the fence inregards to whether I should purchase one or not. It's an inprovement on the current system, but I have yet to see functions or titles that justifies a purchase.

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