Comic-Con: Uncharted 2's version of "Kick you to sleep"

BeefJack writes: "Fans loved the "I'm gonna kick you to sleep" line from the original Uncharted. Now, Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake, has revealed his favorite ad libbed line from the upcoming Uncharted 2: Among Thieves."

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4pocalyps33840d ago

"yeah, kitty got wet" sounds wrong but funny if i heard nathan say it

Cyrus3653840d ago

What's funnier is that his 8 year old kid said that lol...when he whooped him in wii sports.

Cwalat3840d ago

After the intimate scene with Chloe, i could imagine Drake saying something like that :P


´yeah, kitty got wet´

Briyen3840d ago

i only remember "i'm good for it"
at the end, which wasn't too charismatic for a guy like nathan drake, but then i ended up using it in my own conversation

dang uncharted influence

Carl14123840d ago

I don't remember that line either.

But "Kitty got wet" is AWESOME. Nolan' on is officially awesome. Well done kid.

ThanatosDMC3840d ago

When did Nathan say this? Anyone remember???

heroicjanitor3840d ago

He said it after kicking a pirate in the balls. Awesome lines though.

ShinMaster3840d ago

Kick dudes a few times in a row and it'll come up.

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Karum3840d ago

The funny thing is I can picture Drake actually coming out with something as cheeky as that lol.

swiftshot933840d ago

thats actually a freaking awesome line. LOL kitty got wet! Well know Im looking forward to hearing it in Uncharted 2.

DonCorneo3840d ago

then there's something wrong with that family.

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