Cnet Review: Konnet PS3 and Xbox 360 Power Pyramid

Cnet: Konnet makes a few versions of its Power Pyramid charging docks, including one that's designed to charge four wireless Xbox 360 controllers at one time and one that charges four PS3 controllers (which only come in a wireless version). However, the model we reviewed is the only one that charges both wireless Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers. That duality obviously has some appeal to gamers who own both systems and don't want to invest in two charging systems.

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FamilyGuy3833d ago

The 360 controllers are re-chargeable now?

SpoonyRedMage3833d ago

You can a battery pack thing and they last ages and are surprisingly in expensive. HMV where I live sells the packs for £5 and the pack and charger lead for £10.

SmokeyMcBear3833d ago

yeah.. theres rechargable batter packs... my cousin has em.. but im not sure if they last that long or what.. cuz we are always charging the controllers up.

kewlkat0073833d ago

Add another layer for the Wii, will ya.