Will the new features in UE3 "blow people away"?

Ahmad Dajani from said "Epic games aren't happy with all the talk about Killzone 2/Uncharted 2 and how these games are more advanced graphically than Gears 2. So I think Epic games are still hard at work to bring back it's engine at the top of the game"

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Blaze9293829d ago

Well thats what they said it would do sooooo....

immortal843829d ago

They used an upgraded engine(more like UE3.5) and since that they worked more on UE to make it better.

I think what is featured in the upcoming Gears 2 dlc are some of the new enhancements featured in the UE.

immortal843829d ago

The new UE features will be good, but Epic games must push the engine harder to keep pace with other engines.

Cwalat3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I honestly don't care about the hype they are trying to create.
Like last time they showcased the Unreal Engine "3.5", it was a dissapointment when the game finally released.

Gears 2 was an awesome game, don't get me wrong, but the stuff they showcased earlier in the techdemo back in 08 was just pure bull, interms of them incorporating it into the game.

-Thousands locusts running together (most i saw when playing the game was about 40)
-Destructible environments (was in the game but not the level of intensity as in the techdemo)
-Meat Cube physics (nowhere to be found in the game, not the cube itself, but the physics)
-Water physics (the only thing that was in the game itself, and it was awesome)
-Silver Bubble thingy (i know it probably would've been weird to put it in the game, still.. kinda useless to showcase it then)

So... Interms of them hyping the new engine's capabilities.. i don't give a shiet until i see it running on a game (when the game releases).

dragunrising3829d ago

I highly doubt the Unreal Engine 3 will improve by leaps and bounds...or blow people away so to speak. That is just PR talking. With that said, more could be done to improve the current version of UE3. Next gen consoles won't be out for another few years so its better to build on success...Besides, Epic is rolling in cash from all of its licensees, why reinvent the wheel? My take: promises are hollow until your able to see the improvements in-game.

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qface643829d ago

i doubt its gonna blow anyone away

honestly i doubt many people will even care
heck many won't even notice any changes at all

Fishy Fingers3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Your kidding right? The difference between UE2/3 was huge and when first unveiled had jaws on the floor. Why would UE4 be any different?

Check this image showing UE1/2/3 character models (taken from UT), tell me people couldnt spot the difference..

This isnt an updated version of UE3, it's completely rebuilt.

iamtehpwn3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Yeah, that Chart just shows some 3d models be rendered with light and a few texture mappers applied to them

While the mode 3 is impressive, it's more reflective of the next generation in-game models as a whole, rather then reflective of the engine. (in terms of polygons and Texture maps. Nothing to do with the engine per-say)

An engine's bounds can only be tested by it's Memory efficiency and how much is accomplished with in it, and same with the CPU/GPU and their respective clock speeds, which allows the game run more graphical effects at once (include the effects said engine supports).

Raf1k13829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

'it's completely rebuilt.'

Is it?

edit: @SuperM. Yep, that's what Epic said when they were showing off UE3 around the time of the X369s launch.

SuperM3829d ago

Ehh its not UE4. Its just an update to UE3. UE4 will be for the next generation of systems.

I_am_rushin3829d ago

Gears 2 used UE3.5. Now they are claiming UE3.8 so that should be less graphical enhancements than between Gears and Gears 2.

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immortal843829d ago

what set Killzone 2 from any games this generation is how the engine handled particle effects and lightning .

rockleex3829d ago

Or lighting?

There was lightning in Killzone 2... but I thought the lighting were far more impressive.

immortal843829d ago

yes its lighting not Lightning lool sorry for this spelling error, and yeah the lighting was impressive :)

Defectiv3_Detectiv33829d ago

The thing about the unreal engine is it has to work on so many different platforms, I doubt it will be able to surpass the Guerilla Games or Naughty Dog engines - they have the advantage of being tailored for one specific peice of hardware.

beavis4play3829d ago

if they want to compete with the newer,better engines.........they need to create a newer, better engine. "duh" it doesn't take an expert programmer to figure that out. UE is a dinosaur........Epic needs to let go.

Sarcasm3829d ago

I disagree.

If they can make pretty significant leaps and bounds with the UE, then why not?

If any engine's a dinosaur, it's the source engine from valve. No improvements over the last decade tells a lot.

beavis4play3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

no matter what tweaks Epic makes to UE it won't catch up. why? don't you think ND, GG, insomniac, santa monica studios, rockstar and crytek are going to improve their engines as well? UE had a good run but, i think they've gone as far as they can go with it. if they had something "mind-blowing" to show.......why didn't they use it on gears2? Epic is too good a developer to not see the situation.
they should move their focus to a new engine.

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