Nelson Piquet Jr. & Fernando Alonso Play GT5 Prologue

Renault Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet, Jr. gave lots of Gran Turismo fans something to smile about when he recently posted the above picture to Twitter...

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mint royale4944d ago

Oh Nelson! Cmon Lewis! You can win this weekend.

Forza McLaren!

BBCnewsrocks4944d ago

I feel sorry for Lewis, thanks to his crappy car he wont have a chance aat winning this season.

mint royale4944d ago

Yeah he has been screwed but this weekend the McLaren seems to be the fastest car.

creeping judas4944d ago

I find it hard to believe that the top stars aren't doing so well. And last years middle of the pack and end of the pack are dominating the likes of Hamilton and Raikkonen.

mint royale4944d ago

The McLaren is just that bad this year. Lewis imo is the best driver and now the car is finally developed he has a genuine chance of winning on sunday.

97gsx4944d ago (Edited 4944d ago )

Hamilton is a good driver but he isnt the best. His teammate is right there with him and he is middle rank. Poor Piquet soon enough gt5 will be his only race time.

mint royale4944d ago

His teammate is right there with him?!? Thats why his teammate finished 6th last year in a car that Lewis won the championship in? IMO he is the best because he beat the then best driver Alonso in his rookie season in the same car. Amazing.

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Perkel4944d ago

btw, he have two ps3 ... :)

creeping judas4944d ago

and a XBOX 360.


irrelevant post.

Perkel4944d ago

soo ? i just noticed thats all

rockleex4944d ago (Edited 4944d ago )

Help me out?

PirateThom4944d ago

A lot of the pros play Gran Turismo, F1 isn't my thing though. I was impressed Sébastien Loeb played it as well though.

It's weird to think these guys are out there, driving the real versions, but coming home and playing the same game fans of the sports are playing.