Badassgamer Report 24/07/09 - GOWIII At San Diego Comic Con, 2010 Year of the Hack and Slash, Top 10 Charts.

Badassgamer Report #1

1. God of War III Fully playable at San Diego Comic Con

2. 2010 Year of the Hack and Slash Games.

3. Top 10 Charts

4. Epic's Mark Rein's PS3 Comment

5. Splinter Cell: Conviction downgrade?

6. Prototype Review

7. Badassgamer Question Time.

Enjoy The Podcast. Comments are appreciated.

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CestusGOWIII3829d ago

Hmm, yeah Splinter cell did not seem to look as good as it did at E3 in the latest video, might be a downgrade who knows.

HeavyInfamous3829d ago

I can't really see a difference...0_O

raztad3829d ago

Definitely downgraded. I noticed it as soon as the video begun to roll. They masqueraded it making the video blink frquently, so I got confused and decided not to comment about that. This blog confirmed my suspicion. Conviction on 360 seems no to be looking as good as shown at E3.

vasilisk3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Yup, it doesn't look that hot anymore. These are the latest screens from oxm...

I see jaggies everywhere. Just look at the 2nd screen and tell me that you can't see the jaggies all over the place...

SevWolf3829d ago

To be honest, in my opinion, Splinter Cell:Conviction was never a graphical powerhouse, but it was impressive, I would put it up there with inFAMOUS graphically, which looks great in my opinion, I was very hyped for this game, but the last trailer did not please, it looks like there is no more, but from what I saw at E3 I would not let one trailer make me change my mind

housegroove763829d ago

Resistance 2 looks really really good, but those are definate bullshots. I have a 60" 1080p television and R2 has never looked that clear to me.

back to SC:C those screens dont look the greatest. Maybe because its still in development.

cyberwaffles3829d ago

i don't know how you got so many disagrees. those are definitely bullshots. look at the third pic especially, the background looks almost real. and when i played the game, it never had that good of aliasing and lighting effects. definitely not in game but it would've been nice if resistance 2 did look like that.

jalen2473829d ago

I actually think resistance 1 (for its time) and resistance 2 graphics were criminally under-rated...especially resistance 2. I have a 52 inch Samsung 1080p HDTV. Resistance 2 looks fantastic to me...

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iNetWatch3829d ago

Wish I could make it to the comic-con and play GOWIII

bmatthews3829d ago

still listening actually, cannot wait for the nexxt phase of Uncharted 2 BETA

AntMad3829d ago

Guerilla Games should make their next game more colourful, just saying...

bmatthews3829d ago


what is wrong with Killzone 2's colour palette? it fits with the setting and theme, I hate it when people want colourful rainbow shooters all the time!

CestusGOWIII3829d ago

They will make it however they like, and I liked the dark and gritty atmosphere.

lyvon3829d ago

KZ2 was great, it didn't need more colour.

AntMad3829d ago

I'm just saying that KZ2 was pretty dark, almost too dark, like they used that to hide all the bad spots. it looked great but I don't think it was the best, far too dark.

if you don't like my opinin then get over it..

HeavyInfamous3829d ago

But it didn't need more brightness or colour, you're missing the point, KZ2 is supposed to be dark, oppressive and gritty not colourful, and no they didn't make it dark to hide the bad spots, as you'd still be able to see/find them anyway. don't be so naive

AntMad3829d ago

are people biting down my throat because I said KZ2 needed more colour? it's just my opinion, live with it!

PS360DS3829d ago

That doesn't make sense dude, it's there artistic vision.

Cerberus_Hunter3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Hmm, You know you have a flashlight right? Most dark places show off the lighting better anyway.

EDIT: never mind, it's working now.

bmatthews3829d ago

I don't think people are jumping down ur throat or whatever, it's more that what you're saying doesn't seem valid, it's like I could also say Halo 3 should be darker, less colour e.t.c it goes both ways IMO

OperationFlashpoint23829d ago

why won't it be working, works perfectly fine for me.

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