New Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver screenshots

New screenshots of the anticipated Pokemon remakes have been released.

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SpoonyRedMage3837d ago

I'm loving the looks of the games. Can't wait to get hold of Heart Gold!

knox3837d ago

this is so cool to see the remakes being made, my first pokemon game was silver and played it to death, i play some of the other pokemon games but i dont follow them as much as i used to, but the remakes are gonna be a nice throwback

Bnet3433837d ago

Screens love nice. Can't wait for Soul Silver.

menoyou3837d ago

This game is worthless without random online battles.

Jhun3837d ago

These graphics are uber compared to thet first pokemon.

DX12 right there baby!


Nihilism3837d ago

you think it looks good now, hook 2 ds's up for ds/sli

ZombieNinjaPanda3837d ago

Must get a DS now.

Gold silver were my favorite on the gameboy color.

Redempteur3837d ago

gold /silver were great games and expanded the pokemon in a great way ... the other pokemon games did so little in comparaison

lloyd_wonder3837d ago

The epic showdown with RED will be epic indeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.