CEA: Blu-ray Player Shipments to Jump 112% in 2009, Despite Recession

HomeMediaMagazine:"Burgeoning shipments of Blu-ray Disc players in the second half of the year are expected to contribute to a 112% increase in unit sales by the end of 2009, according to a report from the Consumer Electronics Association.

One year after emerging as the next-generation DVD format of choice after a protracted battle with Toshiba-backed HD DVD, Blu-ray players continue to be poised for growth. Unit shipments of Blu-ray players will jump 112% this year, reaching nearly 6 million. Even as prices drop, revenues are expected to top $1 billion, an increase of 48% over 2008.

The Arlington, Va.-based trade organization said the high-definition packaged media format player, along with smart phones (up 3%) and high-definition televisions (up 8%), will drive CE sales in through the end of the year.

Indeed, CE retailers continue to actively promote Blu-ray players, with several offering a free player with the purchase of a big screen HDTV, in addition to average unit prices falling closer to the $200 price point.

Southern California-based Ken Cranes chain this week is offering multiple brands of BD players from $197. Some retailers have hinted that BD player prices will continue to decline to around $100 entering the infamous Black Friday post Thanksgiving weekend sales fest."

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