Are you ready for the PS4 and Xbox 720?

Maybe the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720, while still possible, might not make their way to store shelves for quite some time. It makes sense. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are network- and HD-ready. Thanks to firmware upgrades, the hardware companies can release incremental improvements to keep the consoles alive and well.

Since the future is both online and in HD, what makes an Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 so important?
Moreover, developers face some real challenges when a new console is released. They need to learn how to exploit the hardware, which tends to lengthen development and cost the company more cash. And even though the Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4 might be able to provide Pixar-like graphics, that might be far too expensive for developers, causing most companies to balk at going that far with graphical prowess. While most gamers might want more from their consoles, sometimes, it's just not financially feasible.

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Cwalat3837d ago

I'm still enjoying the hell out of my nextgen console, so no thanks.

I don't need a PS4 or xbox720 today, tomorrow or even 3 years from now.

no_more_trolling3837d ago


i hate people calling it next gen still. this generation is 3 to 4 years old and u still call it next gen

r u still in 2000?

LittleBigSackBoy3837d ago

we won't see the ps4 or 720 for awhile yet, there is a lot that can be added just from firmware updates...

Mr Bot3837d ago

for ps4 no

for xnox 720 yes because 360 reach its limits already and cant offer much new things other than different stories of the same games!

IdleLeeSiuLung3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

I prefer a shorter life cycle (or should I say console introduction cycle) at a lower release cost. This is similar to buying a gazillion fast computer like 3 years ago at a huge premium. How fast is your computer running now? For the combined cost of an average upgrade three years ago and an upgrade now, would cost me less than a super hunky upgrade three years ago. My latest upgraded machine will be far superior to the three year old machine.

However, the current pricing has yet to hit mainstream pricing for a new console to be introduced. Maybe 2012-13 for next gen?

joydestroy3837d ago

nope. i feel like i just bought both my consoles even though i've had them for a bit now.

Harry_Manback3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Hell, they haven't even came close to tapping the full potential of current-gen consoles (except for that Wii thingy lol).

leyego3837d ago

im stilling waiting for this gens games that will top last gens games.

a new console gen already? no thanks if that happens im going back to pc gaming. im not made of money which i can spend every 3-4 years on a new gaming console.

i wont be buying anything unless these consoles have forwards compatability.

Genesis53837d ago

No. My bank account needs a rest from my gaming. After getting a PS3 new 40" 1080p TV and a half decent gaming PC to hook to it as well. I just need to sit down and play some of these games I keep buying.

pixelsword3837d ago

With Ratchet and Clank:ToD, so why would I get a PS4 or 720 when the graphics are still being improved upon now?

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It costs a ton to develop on this gen of consoles - whats it gonna be like next gen?

Let the dev's etc make some money from this gen first guys!

no_more_trolling3837d ago

no also. im still enjoying my xbox 360

Mr Bot3837d ago

am still enjoying my ps2!! so does that means sony shouldnt have released ps3??

ur logic fails so badly!!

keops33837d ago



Vitalogy3837d ago

I'm ready for your moma!

Stop with this stupid articles.

user39158003837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

360 its a viable system that can be upgraded easily with no fuss, but PS3 its a mess that instead of been a next gen, it has become a beta unit not capable of improvement in many ways. Example its the capabilities to run multi screen, which its the main reason most developers shy away from sony.

It takes 4 PS3 to do what the 360 can do right out of the gates (fact).

The online its a mess that has continue to be an issue, a great disadvantage for sony and a handicap sony are not likely to improve at all.

Sony needs to call it quit, and bring on a new PS4 able to at least maintain the pace with MS, it is obvious that most engine are running excellent on the 360, while they have to sacrifice some of the power from the 360 to try and maintain somewhat a capable coding and maintain a level of descent performance for the sony Pathstation 3, although its been proven 100's of time that the PS3 can not handle the 360 power in almost every third party games.

There is nothing left to be proven after almost three years in the market sony has proven to be the broken system of this generation, no doubts about it, except for the fandroids that continues to have a broken faith, not been able to be amended by the continues lies from the sony corporation.

There is only 2 solution to your agony, one stop playing broken games from sony, or just do what a wise individual will do, (Jump in).

If anybody wants to see what a bald headed troll fandroid looks like see below.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33837d ago

PS4? XBOX720? That's so 5 minutes ago, I'm about to preorder my PS5 and my XBOX 1080.

a_squirrel3837d ago


I dont know where you get your facts (probably from his drunk mom)

I know the open zone is basically made for stuff like this... but it's seriously too much, you gotta calm down, there is a reason you only have one bubble.

Talk sense and you might gain some.

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The story is too old to be commented.