PS3 'EyeToy' due this summer in Europe

Sony has revealed the PlayStation Eye peripheral is due for release in Europe this summer.

The PlayStation Eye is the next-generation version of the the popular EyeToy camera, and features a range of improvements including microphone, two lens positions and a faster frame rate for smoother image capturing.

As well as enabling users to capture photos and video footage the package will also include EyeCreate editing software.

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Violater4286d ago

Eye of judgment is a seriously overlooked ace up Sony's sleeve. People are going to eat it up in spades.

Bill Gates4286d ago

You my friend are a smart man. I couldn't agree with you more.

jay24286d ago

Yeah, EOJ is going to be awsome, something like spetro on the ds (is it spectro?)

TriggerHappy4286d ago

This will be a system seller, you know how many Yugioh fans are out there ? dudes a whole lot.

Bebedora4286d ago

Looks like-a a very very nice game. Can't write coherent even!

This and WKS has been very quiet for a long time...just some more of that Level5 game too. heheh.

BlackIceJoe4286d ago

I thought the last Eye toy came with a mic at least one of them did I thought. I think this is great news and can't wait to see when this will be out in the US. Now I just want to find out when there will be more Buzz games and they are for the PS3.