Finland: Blu-Ray Fails to Impress

Blu-ray movie disc player sales have been so sluggish in Finland that video rental stores have put the brakes on introducing high-definition Blu-ray movie DVDs.

Blu-ray discs have many times the capacity of conventional DVDs. The additional capacity enables better sound and picture quality; however, these improved features have not compelled consumers to switch out their old DVD players for new Blu-ray players that are needed for movie viewing on Blu-ray discs.

"We expected Blu-ray disc players to be more popular than they are," says Harri Lounatvuori, chairman of the Finnish Home Electronics Association.

Video rental stores say Blu-ray discs are sitting in shelves collecting dust.

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Mr_Bun3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I thought Finland was more tech savvy than this.

I know ignorant PS3 haters are going to think this is a jab at Blu-ray, but it is actually an embarrassment for Finland.

kenjix3833d ago

they'll probably not want this news out lol

Mr_Bun3833d ago

It should be noted that Blu-ray also fails to impress Turkey, Mongolia, and Ethiopia

Raf1k13833d ago

I'm assuming HD TVs don't do too well in Finland either then.

cherrypie3833d ago

No. BR is a niche product for high-end households and audio/video-philes.

It will *NEVER* see the wide-spread uptake that DVD has (for many reasons often discussed).

Finland is probably ahead-of-the-curve on high-speed net-to-the-home, as such, they've probably done what the rest of the planet's mass market is doing: Digital Download.

Netflix, Kindle, itunes/ipod, Xbox 360 Marketplace, Zune etc etc etc etc -- these are the current solution for the market.

You can stop pretending now. BR has and will continue to fail, the market is *NOT* going to throw away it's 6-per-household-DVD players for marginal improvements in fidelity.

They **ARE** going to start to watch 1080p movies on instant demand through Xbox 360 and other such services (with less fidelity).

They're going to prefer this just like they prefer MP3/WMV/AAC over CDAUDIO -- why? CONVENIENCE and COST.

This has *already* doomed BR, and Finland is smart enough to know it.

lagoonalight3833d ago

Totally cherrypie, Who would EVER want 35mm film like it was supposed to look like in the first place.

Facepalms PS3 and puts DVD in to watch the glory of noise, blocking, artifacting and 480p.

lordgodalming3833d ago

@ cherrypie: You can't possibly believe everything you just typed. Either you want attention that you can't get through positive channels, or you are plum loco. I can't even bring myself to waste breath arguing with your points one-by-one. Sorry.

Mr_Bun3833d ago

The word "probably" in your comment translates to "I'm too lazy to find evidence to prove or disprove my point".

I'm not sure why you are afraid of Blu-ray but I would think that the news of the main competitor (Toshiba) announcing that they are backing Blu-ray, would show you how wrong you are.

Armyless3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I dug this up in his comment history, which explains everything.

"[Sony] spent hundreds-of-millions in back-room deals to kill HDDVD which was a more consumer friendly format."

ZombieNinjaPanda3833d ago

Why is the troll allowed to post in the gamer zone?

Guys, don't feed him. You feed him and he wins.

N4Flamers3833d ago

he doesnt own a ps3 and hasnt seen a blu-ray movie in 1080p.

Just so you know, digital downloading is not the future. People that believe the instant 1080p thing MS was talking about did not read the fine print. Instant 1080p is only available if you have a 8-10 mbps internet connection. If you dont then you have to download the whole movie.

not to mention most if not all people enjoy having a physical media component in their homes. cant have a dvd collection without dvd.

So.... finland is slow.

v1c1ous3833d ago

and after the ps3 was kicking the 360's butt in Egypt too D:

sorceror1713833d ago

Cherrypie is only mostly wrong. I have to agree that Blu-ray probably won't see the kind of adoption DVD did. However, that's not the same thing as Blu-ray failing. (I'm a PS3 owner - no Wii or 360 - and I love Blu-ray, BTW.)

Convenience and cost do, quite often, trump fidelity. However, there's a crossing-over point where lower fidelity leads to a qualitatively different experience. A good mp3 is basically indistinguishable from a CD for all practical purposes... but a bad, low-bitrate mp3 is a whole lot worse. And the net infrastructure to deliver good-quality HD video just ain't there yet for most of the world, and won't be for quite a while.

Until the net gets fast enough in enough places, streaming 1080p just ain't gonna be possible. That gives Blu-ray a window - a pretty long one, so far as I can see - and the playback hardware's getting cheaper all the time. Blu-ray won't become as widespread as DVD, sure. But it's long way from "not as widespread as DVD" and "worthless" - it'll still sell well and make money.

Nineball21123833d ago

@ sorceror171

Hey, what the hell? That's a reasonable, rational post. That's not allowed! :D

I agree with you btw.

ultimolu3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )


Really now?

Was I imagining things or are bluray sales currently trumping DVD sales right now?

And guys, what did you expect from cherrypie? This is coming from a diehard 360 fanboy.

Viper73833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I am from Finland so I might give some insights on this matter.

Actually they dont really sell any SD tv:s in our shops they are mainly HD flatscreens nowdays. But ppl dont buy them because of HD but because they are widescreen and since they are flat they they hell of a lot less space than normal tv:s. The non flat tv:s are mostly 17" tvs for summer gottages (most of them start to be flat lcd as well)

However as your tv channels still mostly give only SD image from most of the channels and most of the digiboxes cant handle HD image the digitalization of finnish tv. So basicly Tv channels only offer limited hd cabeabilities.

Now at the matter of blu-ray. Blu-ray players still cost a heck of a lot, and Blu-ray discs cost like from 25€-30€. Which again is a lot compared to dvd's which you can find from 5€-23€

This accompanied by ppl who dont know what HD is or why they should care makes it hard for it to catch any interest. Ps3 is still the only "visible" blu-ray player on finnish market outside of tech-freaks view.

ThanatosDMC3833d ago

"Oh no! Not the Fhinland!" -Southpark after Randy and the whole world nuked it.

Oh well, their lost.

GWAVE3833d ago

Finland is home to a mere 5 million people.

RememberThe3573833d ago

Exactly, My home state of Washington has a higher population then them.

rockleex3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Finland has just completed research that will allow them to revive HD-DVD back from the dead, testing has already begun.

Genesis53833d ago

Do they have colour television yet?

skyfire22613832d ago

I agree Cherrypie. These blind ignorant pro-blue fanboys just don't get it. There are far more people who do not want to buy there movie collections over and over again every time a new format comes out. Not too mention buying new equipment all the time just to take advantage of it. It gets old very fast.

Please insert insults and other comments here;

Thank you

The Lazy One3832d ago

you were imagining things.

blu-ray sales are increasing at a higher rate, while DVD sales are decressing, but DVD sales still far and away trump blu-ray sales by more than 10:1.

BluRay had $230 million in sales, DVD had $2.89 BILLION in sales, and digital distribution had $487 million in sales in Q1 of 2009.


rockleex3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

That Bluray is doing better at this point in its lifetime than DVD did at the same point in its lifetime.

Actually people love seeing old classics in crisp & clear HD. No one's forcing you to rebuy your collection. There's always new movies coming out, and most people who can afford it would rather buy it on Bluray for the better quality. If not, they're just waiting for the prices to drop.

People talk as if Bluray prices will NEVER drop. People talk as if no one would choose Bluray over DVD once Bluray prices drop to $15 per new movie.

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Babypuncher3833d ago

well this certainly spells disaster for the blu-ray format. the Fins have always been on the leading edge of technology, they know what's up.

Syronicus3833d ago

Typically it is best to type in (/sarcasm) at the end of your post when you are in fact being sarcastic... You are being sarcastic... Right? I hope so 'cause it would ignorant to think that Finland's acceptance or lack thereof could be the death of any such format.

Babypuncher3833d ago

yes, sorry, i was being sarcastic. i just thought that this article was so ridiculous that any comment that agreed with it would have automatically been deemed as sarcastic. :)

Syronicus3833d ago

In any other forum I would tend to agree that sarcasm could be thought of as a given but here at N4G, you have to be very clear or the fanbabies grab hold of it and run like wild. It's like crack to them.

TheTwelve3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Oh crap, FINLAND isn't supporting Blu-Ray? Clear evidence that Sony is doomed as a whole, right there. WOW.


P.S. Seriously if people don't get sarcasm here, who cares. They're just stupid.

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BBCnewsrocks3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

There you have it folks, Finland has spoken - Blu-ray is dead.


creeping judas3833d ago

Silly Finn's!!!

I can say that since I am one. Though I live in Canada now.

creeping judas3833d ago


But it was my parents who forced me to move when I was ten years old.