PC World Hands On: Microsoft's Next Big Xbox LIVE Update

PC World: Microsoft's next bonanza Xbox LIVE update (or NBXLU, pronounced 'nuh-bex-loo') won't wink onto your dashboards until August 11th, but since I'm so connected here at Game On, I've had an exclusive first gander. You know, "exclusive." Like in game-journo-speak, where it means precisely the inverse inverted of what you'd imagine it wouldn't.

And the verdict is…

Comme ci, comme ca, i.e. "so-so." Your mileage will of course vary according to your investment in any of the above features. The guide button issue's the only serious downer. Maybe it's just my Xbox 360, or maybe it was happening before I updated and I'd subconsciously rationalized it out of existence. I'm sure noticing it now, and it's definitely bad mojo. Where's the Xbox version of Diskeeper when you need it?

And afterthought: Hey Microsoft, how about a bunch of Games For Windows LIVE feature updates for all us steadfast Windows gamers?

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