Behind The Scenes of Making Ryu Ga Gotoku 4 (Yakuza 4) - Earlier today, SEGA detailed Japanese crime game title Ryu Ga Gotoku 4.

As we previously posted, it will use the latest motion capture technology so that not only the actor's voice will appear in the game, but 3D models of them as them in character.

SEGA has released pics of Hiroki Narimiya and Kenta Kiritani getting their faces scanned for the game. That "latest motion capture tech" is a scanner from Cyberware. More info here!

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Simon_Brezhnev3837d ago

Hell they need to bring Yakuza 3 to the US. I wonder if the ps3 owners support the US version of Demon's Soul's would Atlus consider bring a US version of Yakuza 3.

kurochi3837d ago

that's what I was thinking..... they need to bring Y:3 here first...... I wish they would hurry up.

Cwalat3837d ago

[email protected]

Beyond my understanding why someone would disagree with you :S

I totally agree, they should bring more Japaneese games to US/EU.

Jakuza 3 would sell like hotcakes over here...

Xof3837d ago

Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4, Yakuza Kenzan... soon, there'll be three top-tier PS3 titles Americans won't be able to play.


mastiffchild3837d ago

Or us europeans! I cannot believe that they wouldn't make a profit from sticking on some subtitles and shipping the damn games over to the west.

I feel abandoned as someone who bought and loved the first two Yakuza games-seriously we should set up a petition to the body that oversees the Japanese games industry explaining that we western gamers would be happy with subs as I really don't know if the devs out there realise it.

SE were amazed when they were told many of us prefer subs and Japanese voicework by IGN recently. Surely the cost of localisation would be slashed without hiring new actors and dubbing full games-all you'd eed is a translation into each language then boom you're done. One disc version for the US/UK/Ireland/Aus etc and one with the European languages on it for the EU. Why not? It cuts the number of people involved in each localisation almost completely! A couple of translators and coders for each versin and that's that-honestly I'd prefer it with subtitles anyway and I'm sure if it came to it most would take that over no game at all.

If I had the time and money I would seriously consider learning some Japanese-it's getting worse this generation than it was last despite what they say to the contrary.