Immersion: Keeping The Shadow Puppeter Behind The Screen

Video games tend to be rather cryptic to those who have never played them. Numerous icons, gauges, numbers and text are displayed all over the screen, abstract sounds are aplenty, and somehow the player is supposed to carry out seemingly complex tasks with a strange looking input device. For some, video games are indecipherable. This becomes a wall to immersion and hence to experiencing entertainment.

Immersion is achieved by eliminating confusion, doubt, frustration, and also by keeping the experience's credibility as intact as possible. A lot of game designers have been playing games since the days of the Atari and as a result they are more likely to not only have a wider threshold of tolerance than today's average potential gamer, but just like a person who has been collecting comic books for decades they are less likely to be critical of content that is irrelevant in today's market.

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