PES6 PS2 now works on PS3

Konami has announced that Pro Evolution Soccer 6 for PlayStation 2 is now "fully compatible" with PlayStation 3.

In fact, says the publisher, it was all taken care of in the 1.70 firmware released last Friday, which sorts out the problems that were preventing the game working properly online.

Now you should be able to boot one another around over the Internet as well as offline, with "no known issues" remaining to solve.

Which is good news, since it's going to be a bit of a wait for the old Pro Evolution Soccer on PS3, of which details have yet to emerge.

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JVC064289d ago

So glad this works now, getting sick of the half-made 360 version and the 360 d-pad sucks big style for precise movements. Cant wait for the full PS3 version.
Konami please don't leave the Edit mode/stadiums/challenge training/online spectator mode/more than 1v1 online modes etc outta the PS3 version this year! Blu Ray shud b well enough space to add all these.

Kastrol4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

1. konami needs to fix the graphics on this game as its seriously lacking behind fifa, PES6 on dvd rom was 1gb compared to 4gb for fifa 06

2. Get new and better commentary please shoot trever brooking into the sun

3. get more offical teams just sort out the premiership and that will be fine at least

4. we need offical tournaments i want to play in the world cup not international tournament OR WEFA cup

5. better presentation adriano on game menu looks like a picure stolen from google images made by a 13 year old using paint

6. better fricking box art on game case pes5 looked awesome but whats with the yellow and john terry wearing a knock off england kit for pes6

7. atmosphere imagine playing at stamford bridge with the jose mourinho chants or you will never walk alone chant at anfield
Or the dead silence when you score against barcelona at the nou camp

8. How about incorparating the pes manager game in the pes7 season mode would make the game much better with tv pundits making the early season title pridictions and the press interview with new signings

9. 20 teams in the league not 16 WTF

10. change the name to pro football 2007 we are football fans not soccer fans we never refer the Beautiful game to soccer as that is a second string word created by americans who dont either understand or like the sport

fifa is making grounds on pes so konami cant rest with these problems

Torch4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

I've been an EA soccer (sorry, that's what we call it here in Canada as well) fan since before they started adding year numbers to the titles (1994?). But it's been getting a little long in the tooth for me over the past couple of years (gameplay-wise), and I've been really looking forward to jumping over to the more in-depth Winning Eleven series.

I was eager to get it for my PSP...but that was BEFORE my PS3. Does anyone know WHEN it's expected to be out for the PS3, and confirm whether the gameplay REALLY IS that many more leaps and bounds ahead of its EA counterpart?

BrotherSic4289d ago


Next PES will be october unless they just release a port of the 360 version. In terms of gameplay, the main difference is shooting as its alot more realistic in Pro Evo. You will find it difficult at first to score but you will find that there are still certain ways to score (like all sports games).


you listed 10 things that I couldnt care less about (except one) even though we both share the same opinion that Konami need a kick in the arse.

My problems with pro evo:

- Free Kicks need a total over haul as they are too easy and have been the same since the Pro Evo series started.
- Throwings are rubbish
- Graphics overhaul - one thing i agree with you about
- dribblering needs improving.
- animations need improving.

In my opinion they need to scrap the entire engine and start again to see what is possible using next gen consoles. I dont really care about licenses and stadiums but I do care when they dont improve the game.

Kastrol4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

you can get Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 on im not sure but i think the game was just release a few months ago

but seeing as this game came out in europe in october 2006 i think ps3 version will come out in america/canada about q1/q2 in 2008

but could be in october so fingers crossed in canada if its muliti region

Oh and on gameplay hell even pros love the game thierry henry jumped ship because he has been an avid fan since pes1 and john terry as well they massive fans and do promotion work for konami just so they can get there hands on the game first

plus on my list i left the gameplay part out on pitch and gameplay mechanics it destroys fifa

Torch4288d ago

Thanks for the wealth of info and feedback, guys. Bubbles for both your kind efforts!

Meanwhile, I'm convinced: my eyes remain peeled for the next available PES for PS3!

BrotherSic4288d ago

you should pick the latest PS2 version as it will probably be cheap by now. Pro Evo comes down in price pretty quickly.