Review:Ghostbusters The Video Game... I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts (TGH)

TGH writes:
"Much like a lot of the geeky things from the late 80s, and early 90s the "Ghostbusters" movies hold a very dear place in many gamers' hearts. They may not have been as nerdy as "Tron" or "War Games," but they were still part of the culture that birthed today's dorks, nerds, and fanboys, and, while the size of the role that it played is different for everyone, no one can deny the fact that the movies weren't an ingredient in the recipe. It's this nostalgia that could have ignited a firestorm over the franchise's latest game released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (also the Wii, but that's a whole different story) if the game wasn't treated with the love and respect it deserved. Fortunately, once gamer's knew that Harold Ramis and Dan Akyroid signed on to write the script for the game, it seemed like it could actually head in the right direction, but did the finished project continue down that path, with the finished product living up to the "Ghostbusters"' name? Thank God it did.

The game has thankfully remained very true to the source material in many different ways: The entire main cast from the films have returned to do the voices of their respective characters. They've recreated the firehouse almost perfectly. The story is written to feel like it should be part of the series. The PKE meter is included, and is vital to multiple aspects of the game. They even included..."

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