Eurogamer Interview: Sony's Peter Edward


"In December last year, following a series of delays, PlayStation Home launched - or the beta version did, anyway. At the Develop conference last week, platform director Peter Edward delivered a speech titled Home: First Term Report. In it he discussed how the last seven months have gone and the lessons Sony's learned."

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drdre743833d ago

worthless interview. Doesn't answer anything worth talking about. How about better voice chat or sharing music and video like they said we could do from jump only to have Xbox have it done already and they started on it alot later than Sony.

LeShin3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I honestly didn't know you could share music and videos with your avatars on the 360......

I don't think any platform is going to be allowed to do this easily. Admittedly, Sony shouldn't have even mentioned it in the first place. In Home's favour, it's the first console to let you play some cool mini games for absolutely nothing which is excellent in my book.

ColossiSlayer3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

version of Home has video & music sharing, wow. I gotta go on Home on 360. I'm missing out...
Bandwith, legal issues, & moderation keep video sharing as "work in progress". I do agree with you on music though. At least personal music through the headphones would be cool. More interaction with objects also would be nice & a Segway. Other than that be patient people Home is getting better & better...
After the interview I have better understanding of just how hard developing Home is, especially when he was explaining the reason why some regions are behind others. I wonder if SOE has helped with Home development? I also like how he brought up Home's Award Nominations when EuroG were asking him about a Greenburg comment.