16 New Splinter Cell Conviction Screenshots

For those who can't watch the new Splinter Cell video for reasons of corporate firewall, underpowered netbook, or primitive fear of moving images, OXM has taken some new snaps of it. Aren't they nice?

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PotNoodle3829d ago

Thats because it isn't supposed to be like MGS4. They're two very different takes on the genre, don't compare them.

pxpxp3829d ago

talking about grafics buddy, i know they are two completly different games.

PotNoodle3829d ago

Alright then, fair enough.

I'm sure the jaggies and other things will get polished up closer to release, they may do what insomniac do - wait for the last month before it going Gold to polish it all up.

Either way, even if the game doesn't grab any graphics awards, it is looking to really impress on the presentation of the gameplay.

raztad3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )


Lets talk a bit about gameplay. Believe it or not somehow Conviction is not THAT different from MGS4.

Stealth? Conviction check; MGS4 check
Action? Conviction check; MGS4 check
Stealth AND action anytime, intermixed? Conviction check; MGS4 check

Obviously story and characters are totally different, SC:Conviction seems to have a story this time; or the crazy japanesse humor of MGS4 contrasts with Splinter Cell lack of.

Lets talk about visuals. I said it not too long ago, SC:C got a serious downgrade from E3 presentation. Dont understand why.


I watched the recently released trailer. It just pop up the downgrade, you dont need even to watch carefully. I dont pretend to downplay the game, just put things in perspective, and get the graphic hype a bit down.


Yeah you right, but like inFAMOUS and Prototype the core mechanism is more or less the same but the implementation is different. I think we can enjoy both. Something that worries me is the Action part in SC. I've seen you "mark" your foes, and pushing just a single button (Y in the xbox) the whole action later is kinda automatic? like cinematic?

Raf1k13829d ago

I pretty much agree apart from the downgrade thing.

Which vid is it you've seen that makes it seem like the game got a downgrade?

PotNoodle3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I know what you mean raztad and i agree, but they still are not really entirely going for the same thing.

The gameplay is much different, yeah the core elements are still there but it just seems they both have different goals. I think that was the best decision to make sure they went their own way with splinter cell.

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LONEWOLF2313829d ago

Better to have jaggies rather than trying to remove them using a certain smoothing technique which will result in the game looking like a blurry mess....right?

N4PS3G3829d ago

meh..i was waiting for real screenshots...this are just screencaps of the trailer ..and the trailer quality is not that good to begin with

slyrunner3829d ago

Not a bad looking game to tell you the truth pxpxp,its not master piece,but we can call it next gen for sure.,ive seen worst,and ive seen better,thats all that needs to be said

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