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MurderMyDoll3829d ago

This game is listed as a PS3 and 360 title? SINCE WHEN! PLEASE DON"T BE A MISTAKE!

JL3829d ago

It's a mistake. It's gotta be. I don't see that happening. At the official site (and the press release) only mention PC.

Timesplitter143829d ago

if it's really not on PC, EA has completely lost it

spandexxking3829d ago

i hope they dont destroy it copletely like they did with RA3, C&C3 was okay but fell short on the classics like tiberium sun and RA2

Nihilism3829d ago

omg, joe kucan FTMFW, what was that ball about, anything to do with cabal?

Perjoss3829d ago

too many command and conquer games recently, would be nice if they alternated releases with a new IP, maybe a fantasy rts (not lotr) or do something similar to star wars empire at war to compete slightly with starcraft2, i said *slightly*

tdrules3829d ago

you cant really compare the Red Alert canon to the Tiberium stuff though really.
its like Final Fantasy, it has so many games but each has its own story

Odion3829d ago

There is no competeting with Starcraft hell, you can't even slow down its speed by throwing a similar title in its path

Odion3829d ago

I Grew up on 5 games

and Command and Freaking Conquer!

OMG so excited!

Guitardr853829d ago

I know what you mean!!!! I grew up on them to. Can you believe that GDI and NOD are talking now! I mean it makes sense to stem the Tiberium infestation and alien invasion! After all of this time, maybe it will finally come down to all of humanity uniting under a GDIN or something (Global Defense Initiative of Nod) to save the planet. Either way it will be EPIC!!!!!

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