Avatar: high res screens show stunning graphics

Ubi has released new screens from James Cameron's Avatar video game, showing its dense jungle environment in High Res glory.

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Nightfallen3839d ago

But I actually though it was a game based on "Avatar: The Last Airbender".

erathaol3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

That's a common mistake but the game is related to the movie Avatar instead.

On second glance the visuals are very impressive. Was going to say something stupid but I stopped myself.

IdleLeeSiuLung3839d ago

Looks good, but it also looks like pre-rendered (in engine) CGI. Any gameplay pics?

Raptor3839d ago

Avatar is Jame's Cameron's visionary masterpiece. Supposedly.

James Cameron made Terminator 1 and 2, Aliens and Titanic. Movies that score a perfect 100% on the Rotten tomato website.

I think Avatar will be a pretty interesting franchise.

kingme713839d ago

Been waiting to hear something about this game. The E3 talk by Cameron in the Ubi presentation was lame and no screenshots/gameplay at the time. They better start getting on the hype train if this comes out holiday season.

TruthbeTold3839d ago

and it comes out first, I'm assuming that is the reason why the Live action "Avatar: the Last Air Bender" movie is only being called "The Last Air Bender"

Raptor3839d ago

Cameron copyrighted the name "AVATAR" before the cartoon came out.

I don't think he would change the name of his movie for a cartoon that only lasted 3 seasons.