Nintendo Wii Sports Resort on sale now

Wii Sports Resort, the next chapter in the Wii Sports "phenomenon" launches across in the UK, and across most of Europe today, the 24 July.

Wii Sports Resort introduces what Nintendo calls "a whole new era" of motion controls thanks to the Wii MotionPlus, a small accessory which plugs into the base of the existing Wii Remote, offering more precision for "an unprecedented level of control".

The game, set on a holiday island, offers 12 resort-themed sports, including power cruising, wake-boarding, canoeing, archery, cycling, swordplay, table tennis, basketball, bowling, Frisbee and more golf.

In Japan 359,690 units of Wii Sports Resort were sold in just 4 days so it will be interesting to see what sales stats are achieved here in Europe as Wii fanatics, and casual gamers bored of the original Wii Sports, pick up copies of the new game.

Wii Sports Resort with the Wii MotionPlus controller goes on sale for a recommended price of £49.99.

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