iDystopia5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

Now this is good stuff, I'm seriously stoked and I don't even like Anime! Anime Halo made by the best studios there are in Anime, MS are so smart.

Mo0eY5442d ago

Another drone joins the ranks.


KingKionic 5442d ago

Mooey ccome on man.

Halo Legends looks pretty cool .

The Master Chief5442d ago

Really cool trailer, I like how the CGi is mixed in with the art.

SpaceSquirrel5442d ago

Halo Legends reminds me of Animatrix.

The Master Chief5442d ago

"Influential studios that are part of the project include the creators behind some of the most popular and celebrated anime to come from Japan, such as "The Animatrix," "Cowboy Bebop," "Fullmetal Alchemist," "Ghost in the Shell," "Dragon Ball" and more."

They got all the big guys creating for this one.

sukru5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

The quote is now making more and more sense. (Originally from )

Microsoft is turning the Halo franchise to something that will last for a long time. Congrats to Bungie for bringing us this good series!

KingKionic 5442d ago

Star wars?

Well i guess that halo movie must be incoming .

Mo0eY5441d ago

I could've sworn I heard a lightsaber sound effect in there when the Halo soldier was about to slice-and-dice that other guy.

sukru5441d ago

Not in the movie sense, but as having a large follow up way. It comes both in more core stuff (novels, prequels, etc), and also some things I don't actually like (Master Chief Cereal!, ok we're not there yet, but I think it will be done some day).

I like an expanded universe. For example games like KOTOR are possible because of this.

The Xbox Empire5441d ago

Man they are so setting Halo up for the Halo movie.

You know something else I remembered, Halo 3 had the biggest opening day in entertainment history....bigger than any Star Wars movie, bigger than ANY movie.


Imagine when they do the massive Halo's going to be nuts.

Timesplitter145441d ago

"Halo is the Star Wars of this generation"

Let me get this out of the way first : I think Halo is a great shooter. I have it installed on my laptop and I often play with friends at my university. What I always hated about Halo is its fanbase who are constantly praising the game as if it was the second coming of christ.

This quote up there is the proof. Halo the new Star Wars? Halo didn't reinvent the wheel. It's just a shooter that took some good elements from other games and combined them together. Star Wars had a great and original story and it created a whole new subculture. Halo has the average space marine videogame story and the only subculture it created is the "I just wanna shoot things online and listen to metal, mom" one. Ask people in the streets : "who is Master Chief" or "who are the covenant" etc and no one will know. And if you stay inside the gaming world, there are many games that have a much better and more epic story than Halo : Starcraft, Warcraft, Half-Life, MGS just to name a few.

Milky5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

wow 3 Halos being made at the same time. The Cow is officially milked dry. At least they are taking a different tone with this one.

Masta_fro5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

I dont know what the big deal is that trailer sucked in my opinion...

It was all just one big mess and felt more like a teaser than a trailer.
A teaser to something i have no interest in.

And wtf is halo?

Brainwashed goons, nothing in the halo universe was any good other than the first one (which was awesome!), just because everybody plays it and talks about it doesnt meen its good...

Yea a lot of people will probably follow this, but mostly americans only...

Dareaver15441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

I love Anime, and i loved what they did with the "Gotham Knight", "Animatrix", and "Chronicles of Riddick".

@ MasterFro.... could you elaborate a lil' bit more as to what you are not interested in? If it's not anything Halo, then you are trolling. But if it's because it is Anime, then that's a more reasonable argument. I know, not everyone loves Anime. Hopefully you are not trolling....

I have read all the Novels, including the graphic novel, and have loved the back story. I think it is a great franchise to expand on. This will be a Day 1 purchase for me.

I actually think they should make a Anime for all the novels. That would be so awesome.

I also think that the fact they have Japanese studios doing it, shows that they have reached a more varied audience. More then just America.

@Jolly.... I do agree, i want the original Halo Soundtrack in there. It is so Epic.... LOL, i don't want a re-imagining of it.

JOLLY15441d ago

But I didn't like the music! I want my monks.

Shepherd 2145441d ago

Halo is more than you describe. Its strong backstory rivals the star wars series, and the only reason you think it has the average space marine story is because you dont pay any attention to the details. EVen if you still think is a basic humans vs aliens story, you have to admit it does it very well. But its more than that. They way to story ends up being more about an ancient parasite and a series of ancient weapons rather than being about an actual human-alien war was a large twist in the first game, and the details and depth of this story further expanded in the two sequels, while the backstory only became stronger with the growing number of novels and comics, just like Star Wars. Add in the fact that Halo has a music score that can stand up to a John Williams score, and you have something very special on your hands.

Halo may be hugely popular, but it has a very good reason too. They are not milking the franchise, because all of these spin-offs and extra things they release are of good quality that were made with thought and consideration.

Bnet3435441d ago

Awesome! The Halo anime. I can't wait for this. Looks badass just like Dead Space Downfall. Maybe this will bring more appeal to Halo in the japan market.

Arthur_5441d ago


Its a game? Its a movie? Its a game with Anime cutscenes?

I honestly have no idea where this came from.

Karum5441d ago

Anyone even entertaining the notion that Halo is remotely comparable to Star Wars in terms of fan following is severely deluded.

Halo is obviously a great franchise with a huge following but it simply isn't in the same universe as a franchise like Star Wars.

ps3d05441d ago

so peter jackson big huge halo project is some crappy cartoon and they are comparing this to star wars what a joke

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ozone30005442d ago

i honestly didnt really like the trailer... and im a big fan of did not seem very halo like...but its just a trailer.

The Meerkat5441d ago

Looked great until near the end when I saw a blonde kid with stupid big eyes.

I want HALO, not Pokemon!