WoW: Hunter Q&A

Eyonix posted the initial version of the Hunter Q&A today. Some of the highlights of the Hunter Q&A:

* Ammo removal is still on the table. More details brought to light as to why it can't be implemented just yet.
* "Dead Zone" in its current form is not going away completely.
* Auto-Shoot should not work while moving, moving is a penalty.
* Possibly an announcement at BlizzCon concerning Hunter's reliance on mana. A new system, removing the need for mana? Pay attention at BlizzCon!
* Hunters are too cooldown limited.
* Blizzard is not happy with the current solutions to keeping pets alive. Avoidance mechanics "just don't work well."
* Available number of pet action bar slots will be expanded.
* No plans to expand the use of Tranquilizing Shot. Magmadar is scared! Oh noes!

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