First Video Of Halo Legends

Here's a sneak preview of the new Halo Legends Anime coming this Fall 2009.

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All Time Greatness4874d ago

MS just NEVER stops!!!

The Anime is being made by the biggest Japnese Anime companies out there, and the CGi episode looks amazing also!

The Halo Way point will be polished and amazing.

360 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

NaiNaiNai4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

OMG bones and Production I.G. thats amazing.

for the people who don't know, bones did FullMetal Alchemist, and Production I.G. does the ghost in the shell series and movies.

This is going to be amazing.

yea but the GitS universe is way more advanced then the Halo universe, I mean look at the major. shes like 2 1/2 master chiefs.........and a hot body. XD

Xi4874d ago

Because I've always thought that halo version of a futuristic earth was strikingly similar to the ghost in the shell version.

also studio 4c!

iChaos Amongus4874d ago

Fans of Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z and such are going to eat this up.

They are mixing CGi with Anime, looks so awesome.

Trollimite4874d ago

this looks kind off to me cause the first thing i think of is gundam seed!

i dont want to see halo go down that path!

will there be a game based off of the anime?

4874d ago
Once Upon a Fable4874d ago

Thats an awesome trailer, I love the Anime you mentioned and also Cowboy Bebop, Monster, Akira and more.

What's really awesome is they don't have some American/European studio doing's true Anime...they are letting the best Japanese studios take the reigns, I definately am looking forward to this.

Imagine a Halo JRPG. O.o...I wouldn't doubt it.

RockmanII74874d ago

I know that they had Japan on their mind while making this, but come on. A lot of Americans like anime too. Ever seen Dragon Ball Z or Full Metal Alchemist (FMA maker is making this :) ) Those are both great series.

4874d ago
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Immortal Kaim4874d ago

Cool. These animation studios are some of the best around.

Mo0eY4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

It's official: Microsoft is now Milkcrosoft.

How am I jealous of Microsoft milking a franchise to death? I care nothing for Halo. I played it when I was in high school with my buddies because THEY wanted to play it. They thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, but I come from PC FPS games such as Tribes 1/2, Battlefield series, and the Half-Life franchise. Before I played Halo, I played CS from its beta to 1.6 until Source came out. It's overrated, overhyped, and now overmilked. Stop getting so butt hurt because I speak the truth.

Fleet Fox4874d ago

It's been official for a long time now: You're jealous of any and everything Microsoft does.

iDystopia4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

Nasim is always jealous. He's such a moron he makes all PS3 fanboy's look hateful, miserable and threatened 24/7 by posting just stupid jealous remarks in every 360 article.

Someone who didn't care and was comfortable with things, wouldn't go out of their way to constantly trash the competition.(with lies a big majority of the time)

Notice how you don't see me in PS3-related articles.

I DONT CARE about PS3.

Nasim you're an idiot, even PS3 fanboys hate you.

Mo0eY4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

iDystopia, are you talking to me, tardo? I don't even know who Nasim is.

The reason I'm here is because it's 1:00AM, and this sh!t hit my front page. Obviously, I wanted to inform the close-minded fools that play this retarded game that Milkcrosoft is doing nothing but shafting you with a subscription fee for Xbox Live (giving you advertisements), having you pay for extra accessories that should come with the console, screwing the customers over by releasing the console way too early (resulting in RRoD).

You're too blind by your hatred of someone that you can't tell the difference between a fanboy and Nasim. He must've ruined your life pretty good on N4G for you to think I'm him, lololololol.

Good job, Nasim.


ROFL. Someone call M$ - we've got a malfunctioned bot over here. Seriously, guy, Nasim must've owned you pretty hard since you're accusing me of being whoever this guy is. What'd he do? Did he take your juicebox away from you when you were at lunch? :(

iDystopia4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

Nasim you're an IDIOT. You aren't fooling anybody. Stay of American websites you nasty Muslim biggot. Your agenda is SO OBVIOUS now. You aren't fooling anyone Nasim, I can see you from 50 miles away.

shutupandplay4874d ago

Mooey, I`ll make halo 3 milking easy to understand, very easy. Halo 3 has been incredibly successful this gen. FAR more played than ANY ps3 online game. (Sorry, for being so straight up but that`s how it is.) Now, tell me ONE game on the ps3 that is worthy of milking. Since you can`t come up with an now understand why halo is being milked.

danthaman154874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

Mooey, notice how everyone is disagreeing with you. If you really hate the franchise, you would ignore it. By taking time out of your day to focus on bashing the franchise, that leads me to believe you may actually still be attached to it.

"Obviously, I wanted to inform the close-minded fools that play this retarded game that Milkcrosoft is doing nothing but shafting you."

Do you honestly believe by going on to a comments board and calling out millions of gamers as "close-minded", you are honestly going to change anything? You have absolutely NO STANCE in judging anything in this series if you haven't played it since your high-school days. Yes, you liked PC games that came out more than the FIRST halo. So why are you judging it's sequels? Do you think they are the same thing? Because they aren't. You're "I'm right and millions of others are wrong" attitude isn't going to get you very far.

Just take your stupid, immature attitude to an actual anti-Xbox article if that's what you think. You never see us attacking any PS3 threads, so please be courteous and do the same. We don't own a PS3 and as such don't care what happens to the PS3, positively OR negatively, but you have to come on here and bash news that has nothing to do with attacking the PS3. And you're calling US fanboys. Wow.

I would have respected your opinion if you didn't treat it as fact, which it isn't and never will be.

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u got owned4874d ago

Very cool stuff. I'm really excited for this.

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