Gamez: Colin McRae: DiRT 2 Preview

Gamez writes: "Although the racing legend himself in 2007 tragically was killed during a helicopter accident, his games are happy generally alive. Colin McRae: DiRT 2 is the latest title under his name and we were at the E3 in Los Angeles the opportunity to advance a few rounds through the Blubber to cross"

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NaiNaiNai3837d ago

oh god, please don't ever do that again, don't just translate the site with google. actually rewrite it if you want. O.o that bloody thing almost killed my firefox. lagtastic all over the place.

BTW... I can't wait for this game, another great racing title to add to my collection.

nix3837d ago

DIRT 1 wasn't great. less tracks. less cars. hardly had anything to do with rally. the idea to combine other dirt races disappointed me.

anyway... i'll wait for GT5. they have WRC now.

iagainsti1203837d ago

Really its not about rally? take a look at the car in the picture, its called dirt because it incorporates all different types of rally racing in it which is what its all about and its why they didn't call it Colin McRae: WRC. This game appealing to rally enthusiasts who really don't care for all road racing which is most of GT5. + can you roll a car in GT5? can you? i thought not.

nix3837d ago

don't know why you are bursting up there.. but DIRT series is unlike previous Colin Mcrae series. they've added other kind of races so there aren't much tracks to begin with. that's my complain.. i bought hoping to play WRC rally not half-chunked rally. probably it was my mistake.

we don't know what WRC in GT5 can do... we haven't seen anything yet. so hold on to your thought for now.