Red vs. Blue Game Fuel Taste Test

Gamer Limit writes "If there is one constant in the video game universe, it's that red will always battle blue. This war of attrition has been fought from the rings of Halo to the fields of Azeroth. No one is quite sure how this epic struggle for dominance first started, but everyone does agree that the only way it will end is in blood shed.

Recently the fine makers of Mountain Dew have decided to add to this ongoing struggle with their new Red and Blue Game Fuel. Which side will win this battle to quench your thirst? Hit the break!"

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syvergy3839d ago

The blue is so extreme I feel like I need to pump weights for 16 hours before I even look at it.

rockleex3838d ago

Trust me, you guys gotta try it!

I was surprised since I don't normally like drinking Mountain Dew.

ps3d03838d ago

this just makes me sad I think I check like every quickie mart in town and they dont have the blue one. in fact almost no one has the red one either but did finally find a couple of those.

stevedawonder3839d ago


'nuff said.

AcesAndEights3838d ago

Yeah, I don't think I'd drink either, I'll stick to something tasty like Dr. Pepper.

themyk3838d ago

dr. pepper. is the nastyest pop ever.

Bnet3433838d ago

Soda is horrible period. Drink your your juices. ;)

Max Power3838d ago

is a great tasting soda, one of my favorites. It's a shame that you don't like it and think its nasty but no one is forcing you to drink it.

TheGameLlama3838d ago

They should have remade Ecto Cooler Hi-C for the Ghostbusters game release... now THAT would be tasty fun and delicious! But these are the same as the old Halo 3 Game Fuel... oh well.

Johnny Jiron3838d ago

Wow that stuff brings back memories...

chrisjc3838d ago

I choose...the other flavors they had like last year - cherry, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.