Colin McRae DiRT 2 X Games Details


"Codemasters® in partnership with NAMCO BANDAI Partners Australia New Zealand, and ESPN's X Games, today announced an agreement that will see three all-new X Games stages created and integrated exclusively in Colin McRae: DiRT 2, the sequel to the award-winning off-road racing title.

The three new stages – X Games America, X Games Europe and X Games Asia – will carry official X Games branding and infuse added realism by bringing the series' unique action sports atmosphere to the game. Players will be able to compete in the X Games events by reaching landmark achievements within the game's World Tour."

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gaminoz3830d ago

Hmmm will they get noticed with Forza 3 coming soon?

REALgamer3830d ago

We need more rally games!

I just wish Microsoft would bring back Rallisport Challenge...

XboxOZ3603830d ago

I'll be grabbibg this, for sure . .CM:D was great, this looks great

darkmurder3830d ago

I think I'll wait for the DX11 PC version.

Godem3830d ago

Extra stuff is great, but I think ill be sticking to Forza 3

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