COD: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Video Coming Soon

By now you might have heard about it, Robert Bowling announced he was about to shoot multiplayer videos.

Funny thing is, he plugged @richsommer, an LA actor. Friend, family or work related? Don't want to start rumors here, but could this mean....?

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Pandemic3836d ago

Can't wait. Multi-player will be epic!

Bartosss3836d ago

It's really embarrasing that people keep calling it a Call of Duty game.

The_Count3836d ago

You maybe interested that after a recent Activision survey most of their 8 year old customers didn't know what it was so they put Call of Duty back and interest in the game has increased.

Ah ah ah

Syronicus3836d ago

The recent box art shows the title Call of Duty right above the Modern Warfare 2 title. So why is it funny that people think this is a COD game?

As for the MP gameplay... Can't wait to see it. This game will rule my PS3 for the next two years.

jamesrocks31473836d ago

awesome videos but bit of a misleading title.


Love Cod4, still play till this day.. but i am not supporting this game. Not till they do something about their pricing.

The only news i am interested in is hearing that they have lowered their RRP.

Sorry IW, but tell your publishers to sort out the price !

crillyconlig3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

but will not play it as much if it still has that crappy hosting system

Jhun3836d ago

MAG might just steal the FPS multiplayer market for the PS3 this year.

Momentum from COD4MW will carry this game through its sales though.

kwicksandz3836d ago

mag will get buried by MW2.

Jhun3836d ago

Well, lest we forget that multiplayer and online interaction has become a staple for success (ie. Killzone, Cod4)

MAG delivers exactly that on a large scale basis, however, depending on the implementation of the gameplay, it could possibly be a failure.

However, given ideal conditions for both games, I believe MAG could be a serious contender to bring a dent into the COD4 online playerbase (PS3 that is of course)

PC/Xbox wise Cod4 and l4d2 will dominate for sure

crazyclown3836d ago

MAG = LARGE SCALE FPS, revolutionary in terms of 256 players and gameplay mechanics. Not just run and shoot like COD series.

They both have a different vibe and feel. Both have different gameplay which makes them unique and well above the average title.

I will be getting both, but I will tell you that MAG interest me more for the following reasons:

- 256 Players
- GFX as good for a 256 mahem
- Tacticle gaming to its core
- Multiple Game Modes that we have never seen before
- Revolutionary Ranking system
- And more...

COD is simply the same engine, fixed up, with a new single player experience, new multiplayer experience, new perks...but it plays and feels the same.

Not hating on COD, since I myself must get both.

SONY exclusives usually are AMAZING!!!

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