Microsoft Interview

Microsoft bigwigs Shane Kim (the games guy), Todd Holmdahl (the product guy) and Richard Teversham (the marketing guy) take time out with Kikizo to talk in-depth about Xbox 360 strategy and plans for the future.

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Marriot VP5804d ago

"I don't think us NOT having a tilt is going to in any way affect us. You have to look at what Sony gave up to do this. They gave up rumble. If you go ask people what they'd rather have, rumble or tilt, they'll say rumble. There are a lot of unexplained things with that controller, in my mind."

"Whenever that title comes, I'm very confident that it's going to be the right time for us versus the competition."
(like I said Halo 3 will come out early to mid 2007)

"I'm very confident that we can win this generation. That is our goal, that is our aspiration. We're going to have ten million units in the hands of customers before the competition even ships one into the channel. I'm very confident we can compete and keep moving forward. We think we can be the market leader, worldwide - even if we don't win in Japan."

(Wii isn't competition) "They don't have the same kind of online vision that we do, with Live Anywhere, and they're not a HD gaming console either. So I don't think it would be fair to them, to say that they're head-to-head competitors with us."

mikeeno75804d ago

On Thursday, the latest Xbox 360 shipment worldwide figures are being released directly by Microsoft. So we shall all see whether they reach their 5 to 5.5 million units target . And by the way, to whatever loser who is using my name to promote their computer programming
knowledge, ( making me look like a complete geek), i have already made modifications to my account.

The Real Deal5804d ago

I really do think that by having X360 in the market, we've changed the dynamic, that... if we hadn't been here, you know, would PS3 be launching this year? Dunno. Would they have 2 SKUs? Would they have a hard drive, would they have a network? Whatever happens, we have shown innovation and leadership. And, you know... I'm not going to say it's complementary for them to copy us, because it's irrelevant. But, I think that, you know, we are showing the way in many places. We've only been on the market, from day one for maybe four, four-and-a-half years now, and already there's 24M Xboxes worldwide. It's not bad for a new startup.

The Real Deal5804d ago

Kikizo: How useful is XNA in crossover development between the Xbox 360 and Windows Vista?

Holmdahl: XNA is going to be product that allows us to help game developers develop games effectively and efficiently. It'll not only help developers move games from Windows platforms - from the Vista platform - to Xbox 360, it'll also allow them to move within the mobile space too. Certainly, it's a lot more than middleware. It's a framework that does a couple things for you. It's a framework that allows you to efficiently manage your assets, and be able to see where all the dependencies of your assets are, a framework that allows you to build product easily and not spend as much time on the build side of things. And then what it does, it allows you to take the code that you've written and essentially, with very very few modifications, be able to move that code from one platform to another.

The Real Deal5804d ago

I believe, what we're going to do is help make it so the game developer can spend more time on creating content rather than doing all the plumbing. And by doing that, whether it be mobile, PC or Xbox, it's a good thing. That's going to allow them to develop with less money, it'll allow them to develop higher-quality games, it'll allow the games to get out on the marketplace quicker.

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