Viewtiful Joe 3 Not in View

IGN: "The Viewtiful Joe franchise has a dedicated fan base and has always received great reviews, but it doesn't look like we should hold our breath for a third entry in the series. At Capcom's panel during the San Diego Comic-Con today, an attendee asked if we would be seeing Viewtiful Joe 3. Jun Takeuchi of Capcom assured us he loves the series but has no plans to resurrect it at this time."

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knox3837d ago

im very sad about this =(

Blaze9293837d ago

wooooooooooooow agree man! I forgot all about this game! Viewtiful Joe was the ****! Man I had so much fun with 1 and 2. Wow.

I even remember the holiday disc that wiped out everyone's memory card while playing the demo hahahahaha.

Johnny Rotten3837d ago

One of the best games the Game Cube had, the other being 'Metal-glitch in the system'.