RAGE Secret Exclusive

From Xbox Evolved:

"EA has released a new portion of the site that contains an exclusive content for users. You need to find that password to unlock it though."

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CarlosX3603834d ago

I wonder what it could be!?

hakis863834d ago

Then maybe it's a low-res version of the site... :D

Just kidding. Someone please post password (or at least tell us what it contains), eh?

I'm getting this for my PC!

Mo0eY3834d ago

I typed it in and the site RRoDed on me.

YoungKingDoran3834d ago

lol all i saw was 'RAGE' 'EXCLUSIVE' and 'XBOX' i freaked out. i guess its still on all. everyones happy

Tony999Montana3834d ago

I went through the same initial thought process. I don't know why they've used the word 'exclusive' though, the content is open to everyone, you just need a password.

Hellsvacancy3834d ago

I shall b buyin this at launch (Ps3)

LONEWOLF2313834d ago

Yeah i might get this on the PS3 as well.
I dont feel like swapping
Speaking of the PS3 ive yet to buy the KZ 2 map a do that right know. laters.

likedamaster3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I will not be jumping to conclusions and buying this for any console yet. Until I see some more footage, hear more about it, and a release date. Screenies looked ok.

Hellsvacancy3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I got like a 6th sense (sum-times) when it cums 2 things (movies/games/books/weed) that i know 4 sure ill like - it happened wid Fallout 3 (never heard of the series b4) which i REALLY loved it also happened wid Dead Space i saw sum really early concept art 4 it i KNEW it was gonna b awesome (which it was) - theres others but i dont need 2go on

Im not interested in sales the game may sell a billion copies it may only 100 but i know that im gonna enjoy it - i am wrong sum-times but not very often :-P

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selkan3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I guessed the ID

Its pretty easy :D

It shows a clip and than the line is cut and states that more is shown at Quake-con 2009 :P

DMason3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I guarantee there's a lot of people that won't get the irony in your post.

cmdrlegion3833d ago

for their engines,always pushing the limits,cant wait to see that beast run on my PC!for those interested the password is "General Cross".