Nintendo's Profits up 77%

Nintendo of Japan has announced that profits in the last financial year have jumped by a staggering 77% thanks to strong sales of both the Nintendo DS and Wii.

Nintendo reported a group net profit of 174.29 billion Yen ($1.47 billion) in the last fiscal year, a huge profit rise 98.38 billion yen compared to a year earlier.

Sales of consoles, particularly the DS and Wii, rose by 90% to 966.53 billion Yen ($8.13 billion), compared to 509.25 billion Yen for the same period last year.

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kewlkat0074195d ago

and a Nintendo Wii, but who else is buying these things?

Cheap Gamer
Simple Gamer
Casual Gamer- That's me, the older you get the less time, as it seems.
Hard-Core Gamer
Nostalgic gamer- That's me, since late 80's

Anyhow, it seems to me hard-core gamers don't matter as much, when it comes to the masses. So who's Nintendo really going after? Hey the profits speaks for itself.

Silvia0074195d ago

Not sure why with all this money, they can't meet demand... I know people say it's artificial but I doubt it. Why limit your income?

PS360WII4195d ago

Making hardware isn't tied to how much money you have. I mean kind of but for the most part you still need to find a manufacturing plant that'll take on your order. You need to find a company to ship them out, box them up, even put the system together not to mention quality control. It takes time to make a huge amount of one thing and as far as the artificial low stock... I just don't buy it. Nintendo is trying as hard as they can to met demand. It's just to massive to tackle right now. But yeah I agree that they could be making more money as funny as it seems with those numbers up above us they can still make more... crazy

ITR4195d ago

Well I got a Wii and a DS.

Probably buy another Wii in Jan or Feb for the kitchen so I can watch shows and check the news in the morning.

I'll probably also get a 360 refurb at some point this yr. (I only want it for racing games)

Robotz Rule4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Congrats on all your success!,but we need to put a stop to people like this!

I love my Wii and DS very much:)

Who are keeping our beloved Wii's prisoners and selling them for profit when other gamers who really want them don't get them!!!!!

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