Xbox 360 Version of Home with Advertars?

Aaron from That Aussie Game Site writes, "At first it sounds like telemarketing for your dashboard which admittedly sounds absolutely awful. Then after a moment it doesn't sound like that bad an idea, think about it, you say yes, tell me about the latest movie based on an 80's cartoon based on a Hasbro product, then go for a whiz, get a drink, flip to another channel, then flick back and profit. It's like experiencing grinding using advertising!"

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N4Flamers3832d ago

first of all this is for users, so your friends can bother you all day to try to get a free virtual tshirt.

second, I usually play games on my system I dont sit around looking at advertisements.

This sounds like a stupid idea to me. I dont know why they think I would want to talk to someone about doritos for half an hour so I can get my avatar a pair of underwear.

IdleLeeSiuLung3832d ago

I'm not sure how this whole thing works, but based on what I read I think you just have to wear or accessories stuff that has branding on it.

In response to the article, if MS made you be interactive flipping to a different channel wouldn't work. I'm sure they thought of that....

N4Flamers3832d ago

what they are going to do is either let you wear a shirt or you can buy a shirt that will entitle you to go around bothering people so you can get some kind of consolation prize after you talk to a certain number of people.

doesnt sound like a fun way to do anything. I dont want to go around advertising for people, I have a job.

I dont want people advertising to me, I hate telemarketers.

Godmars2903832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

At least with Home you have to go there. Its not in your face as soon as you turn on the console.

Also betting that MS is trying to figure out how they can go back on their promise of never charging for avatar clothing.

Mo0eY3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I see Aaron Greenturd's face lighting up with joy and those eyeballs... Man, those eyeballs gotta look something like this:

$ $

MILK THE MOO MOO, M$$$$! Give all the bots more advertisements so they can praise you for the $50 they are charging you!

Sk8boyP3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Seriously, even if an XBL version of "HOME" is coming, it's guaranteed to work properly and support all available features. Unlike Sony's PS Home, this isn't a fanboy comment, it's just truth. HOME doesn't even support public voice chat, let alone popular games, LBP, [email protected], CoD4, Madden etc... at least Microsoft will make it worth while. No one's forcing you to buy things, but if you want, just know you'll get 100% support and compatibility. Don't just moan about it.


i don't know.

do my mind MS would just be wasting money and time if they invest in this.

I don't play as much on my ps3 as i do on my 360. on the ps3 i have been to home about twice and thats it.

As i tent to play on my xbox i see even less chance that i would be interested in wasting my time going through all this.

maybe its just me, but i think there are enough things to do in life with out wasting it with this crap. When get on my xbox i get on it to play games or chat with my friends. when i get on my ps3 i get on it to play games and watch BR movies.

I can understand if they are doing something like this that relates to the games directly like home. but if its just more adds blah, blah, blah.. please they can keep that trash as far away from me as possible.

If all these adds payed for gold membership, then fine. but i am paying, and i am not paying to be lab rat for industries to see what new way they can get me involved with their marketing.


i apologize for the bad English, I post a lot while i am at work and sometimes i am on the phone while i post. I have a habit of typing and mixing words up or miss typing, i think one thing in my mind.. but something else comes out when i post. I don't always get the chance to prof read and by the time i go back to the post and read over it again i realize how bad it sounds but its too late for me to edit.

Syronicus3832d ago

If MS did do some version of Home for themselves, would they still sell items through point transactions even though they charge for Live already? One of the nice things about Home is that it is free. Sony makes the money off of the micro-transactions keeping the app free to everyone. Would MS still charge for their items?

AAACE53832d ago

Even if you didn';t intend to offend anyone, as soon as you compared the 360 to the Ps3, it was considered a fanboy comment!

Look at my bubbles if you need proof!

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MajestieBeast3832d ago

lol ye cause microsoft actually makes quality look at the 360 so reliable and avatards is like the best thing since halo...

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